Digital Formatting (eBook)

Digital Formatting (eBook)

eBook Formatting – $150

Digital Formatting and Uploading provides digital reformatting of your book’s content (book block and cover) for multiple digital devices on the market. Once your book has been digitally formatted, it can be downloaded to a digital device that allows the buyer to adjust the font size and more for readability.
TWA Solutions will format and submit your ePub file for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NookTM. With this service, you can reach more customers than ever.

Note: Client must set up accounts with ePub retailers in order for TWA Solutions to upload eBooks. Online retailers require personal and financial information that TWA Solutions is not, and does not desire to be, privy to.

Also take note that:
ePub files cannot be created from PDFs. To create a market-ready ePub file, TWA Solutions must have the source file in a Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, PageMaker or QuarkXpress file.

TWA Solutions will make every reasonable effort to make the formatting of the ePub edition reflect the format of the print edition; however, some design elements are not supported in the ePub format. TWA Solutions is not responsible for making changes to the design of the ePub edition.

The file size of a color book is too large to be placed in the eBook format. Therefore, TWA Solutions can only convert black & white books in the eBook format.

Disclaimer: Press Ready Files (PDF), color books, or designed interior file sizes larger than 10 MB are ineligible for this service.

What You Need to Know
Our Digital Formatting and Uploading (eBook) service is available for black and white and color books with file sizes below 50 MB (20MB and below for Nook). All of TWA Solutions’ self-publishing packages include Digital Formatting and Uploading. You can purchase this service by selecting one of the publishing packages that includes it, or you may purchase it a la carte. This service is not available as an add-on to other packages.