Magazine Publications/Periodicals

TWA Solutions offers a professional-quality layout, with content and creative design for your magazine. They are elegant, visually rich, either classic, or modern to contemporary layouts.

Because of a wide experience in this field, we have a versatile team of professionals including writers, programmers and marketing specialists available to design the layout and help with marketing for your magazine.

When designing a magazine layout, we:

  • Provide you services according to your firm’s need,
  • Complete the designs of the layout before the deadline,
  • Provide designs and layouts that are creative and innovative,
  • Design your magazine and can have it printed to your specifications, and
  • Are fast, accurate and accommodating.

With knowing our capability and our production services, you can plan and budget your magazine layout. We offer options of template to client, and based on client feedback and approval, we will implement to complete magazine design.

Besides dealing with the layout designs, we provide other services like file preparation, color balancing, maintaining the overall production, and creating digital graphics to your sites and many more. By incorporating eye-catching graphics and designing an effective layout with your text, we are able to provide you with a professional and appealing final product.

We deliver the message of your magazine effectively to your targeted audience. With designing layouts for magazines, we also design posters, booklets, brochure designs, school magazines, business magazines or business cards, etc. Understanding our client’s needs leads to the successful completion of the work and an on-going relationship.

With incorporating our services, you can receive other benefits to solve customer concerns about outsourcing, setting clear expectations and ensuring a quality end product.

Contact us with your layout design requirements and get high quality layout design. You can also  email