Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO

Our CEO…

Jessica Tilles

JESSICA TILLES has 21 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in the business of publishing for authors and publishers. She is and an award-winning writer, book editor, publishing coach, graphic and web designer, speaker, and facilitator. She has penned several fictional novels: Anything Goes, In My Sisters’ Corner, Apple Tree, Sweet Revenge, Fatal Desire, Unfinished Business, Erogenous Zone (an anthology), Loving Simone, Crossing Sisters, No One Has To Know, and Loving You. With twenty-one years of experience, she has ghostwritten and edited numerous projects ranging from historical fiction to memoirs to business books. As the recipient of the African American Literary Awards Show’s “Independent Publisher of the Year,” she has published more than two hundred titles under her publishing company, Xpress Yourself Publishing.


In addition to her many accomplishments, Jessica is honored to be recognized, along with Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Maya Angelou, in Heather Covington’s Top 100 Literary Divas. She is a staff writer for Black Men In, has published the short story “Third Shift Blues” in Black Romance Magazine, is the recipient of the Memphis Black Writers Guild’s “Rising Star” award, and two-time recipient of the Best in Graphic Design Excellence.

She has spoken at numerous venues, including writing conferences, industry events, and creative writing programs. She cares deeply about serving writers, and all those in the creative professions, and helping them succeed in their careers.