Supported Self-Publishing Packages

TWA Solutions offers supported self-publishing services, providing the fundamentals of self-publishing, assisting aspiring publishers and authors with starting their business. What sets TWA Solutions’ Supported Self-Publishing Services apart from other self-publishing ventures, is that we do not secure distribution or pay royalties. We simply do the work for you, while you collect 100% of everything!

Through our extensive Author Consultation sessions, you will be provided with all the tools needed to take the publishing industry by storm!

Whether it is a novel, how-to-guide, book of poetry, cookbook, or memoir of your most treasured memories, we all have the makings of a book inside us. We alleviate the headaches involved with publishing your book. Self-publishing your book, with our support, is a professional, affordable, and fast way to get your book into print. You maintain 100% control and 100% of your profits!

TWA Solutions will be your support and guide you through the process of self-publishing for an affordable price. Self-publishing on your own can be lucrative, but it requires a small investment and long-term commitment. Supported self-publishing is the most affordable way to get started and, ultimately, get published! The advantage of using TWA Solutions is that you have complete control over all aspects of your book and keep all profits, and publishing rights.

And, the best part about working with TWA Solutions? Your personal guide will be Jessica Tilles, award-winning publisher of Xpress Yourself Publishing and national best-selling author. She has helped countless others and she will help you, too!

Please note that each package is for one book/title only. We will gladly assist you with additional books/titles at our regular rates.

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*Based on copy editing. Other levels of editing incur additional cost.
**We do accept payment for each package in four monthly installments. Should client case payment, work will cease. Once client resumes monthly payment, we will gladly resume work.